Welcome to Perry Cook Public Library

Word cloud in a pair of child footprints including words like curious, instinctive, observant, adaptive, etc

Play with a purpose.

First Steps to Literacy provides an environment where children and caregivers begin to develop language, motor, and social skills together. Each class includes playtime activities and story time.

Various colorful clay creations, including a red blob

Claymation is a fun form of stop-motion animation that is easy to learn and fun to create. 

We will use stop-motion/claymation to storyboard, create and model characters, animate, edit, and share movies.

The workshop is open to anyone age 12 and older, including teens and adults.

Multi-fabric 17" quilt block that is basis for our February quilt

Everyone is encouraged and welcome to attend sewing classes. You can always bring your own quilting/sewing project to work on, if would prefer.

For February's quilt, the finished quilt size is 60" x 75".

The block shown is 17", so it could be used to make a wall hanging or table runner.

DaybyDay Ohio Family Literacy page for February 1st

Visit DaybyDayOH.org, a website for young children and their families, which features a song, a video, activities, and book recommendations for each day of the year!

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