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Information about books and authors.

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Academic Search Premier powered by ESBCO logo

Academic Search Premier (EBSCO)

Full-text access to a multidisciplinary database of journal and magazine articles, including back issues, and searchable cited references to a number of other resources.

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ProQuest African American Heritage logo

African American Heritage (ProQuest)

Search records, books, serials, and other historical records specific to African Americans to trace your genealogy or to do research.

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Alt HealthWatch powered by ESBCOhost logo, a white mortar and pestle on a green background

Alt HealthWatch (EBSCO)

Alt Healthwatch is a full-text alternative health research database focused on complementary, holistic and integrated approaches to health care and wellness. It offers the latest information about the evolving practice of holistic medicine and therapies.

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American and English Full Text Literature Collection logo, a pair of glasses resting on an open book

American and English Literature Collections

The American and English Literature Collections contain many works of poetry, drama, and prose from the 16th through 20th centuries.

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Ancestry Library Edition logo, with text reading discover your family's history

Ancestry Library Edition (ProQuest)

U. S. Census records; military records; court, land and probate records; vital and church records; directories; petitions for naturalization; passenger lists and more. You must be in the library to access this database.

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Biography Reference Bank logo, including text "thousands of famous people"

Biography Reference Bank (EBSCO)

Contains articles about more than a half-million people, living and dead, from around the world. 

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Business Source Premier logo

Business Source Premier (EBSCO)

Boost your business knowledge by researching company and industry profiles, country and market research reports, and news/journal articles on marketing, management, accounting, and more.

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Chilton logo, with text reading "prepare for the road ahead"

Chilton Library (Gale)

Fix your car, truck, van, or SUV with these diagnostics, maintenance schedules, wiring diagrams, and step-by-step repair procedures.

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Computer Source powered by EBSCOhost logo

Computer Source (EBSCO)

Full-text content from nearly 300 journals and magazines covering topics such as computer science, programming, artificial intelligence, cybernetics, information systems, robotics, and software. Computer Source provides a balance of full text technical journals and full text consumer computer titles.

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Consumer Health Complete logo, with text reading "health information geared toward consumers"

Consumer Health Complete (EBSCO)

Consumer Health Complete can help you better understand key topics across the health and wellness spectrum - from mainstream medicine to complementary, holistic, and integrated medicine.

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ProQuest CultureGrams logo

CultureGrams (by ProQuest)

Your source for concise, reliable, and up-to-date cultural information on countries of the world. Facts and figures, plus an insider's perspective on the history, daily life, and customs.

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Digital Public Library of America logo

Digital Public Library of America

A free, national digital library that provides a single point of access to cultural heritage materials from more than 4,000 libraries, archives, and museums across the United States. Search more than 37 million images, videos, texts, and sounds.

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Screenshot of EBSCOhost databases homescreen


Search thousands of magazines, academic journals, newspapers, reference books, photos and maps on millions of topics.

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Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos logo

Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos (World Book)

The optimal beginner's Spanish-language reference tool. Offers easy-to-read articles packed with stunning illustrations, videos, interactive maps, and activities. 

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ERIC, the Education Resources Information Center, logo

ERIC (Education Resources Information Center) (EBSCO)

ERIC is an authoritative database of indexed and full-text education literature and resources. Sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences of the U.S. Department of Education, it is essential too for education researchers of all kinds.

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Screenshot of Explora Primary Schools database homescreen

Explora Primary Schools

A trustworthy environment for students and educators in grades K through 5 to look up facts for class projects or homework.

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Screenshot of Explora Secondary Schools database homescreen

Explora Secondary Schools

Grades 6-12: A far better alternative to websites and search engines for students to look up articles and facts for research papers or homework.

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Screenshot of OPLIN's Find a Library homescreen

Find an Ohio Public Library

Search tool to find Ohio libraries. Search by name, by county, or by library closest to location. Provides contact information and driving directions.

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Fold3 logo, with text reading "discover your family's military past"

Fold3 (ProQuest)

A premier collection of historical U.S. military records that brings to life the details of America's military veterans with stories, photos, and personal documents - Revolutionary War through recent conflicts.

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GreenFILE Environmental Database logo


Free research database covering all aspects of human impact to the environment. Its collection of scholarly, government, and general-interest titles includes content on global warming, green building, pollution, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, and more.

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Health Source Consumer Edition, powered by EBSCOhost, logo

Health Source - Consumer Edition (EBSCO)

This rich collection of consumer health information provides access to full-text consumer health magazines and reference books. It also includes searchable full text for current health pamphlets.

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Green and white Health Source Nursing/Academic Edition, powered by EBSCOhost, logo

Health Source - Nursing/Academic Edition (EBSCO)

Provides researchers, allied health professionals, nurses and medical educators with access to full-text scholarly journals focusing on many medical disciplines. It provides indexing, abstracts, and full-text for hundreds of nursing and allied health journals, many of which are peer-reviewed.

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HeritageQuet logo, featuring text reading "discover your family's history today"

HeritageQuest (ProQuest)

An essential collection of genealogical and historical sources for more than 60 countries, with coverage dating back as early as the 1700s.

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Hobbies and Crafts Source logo

Hobbies and Crafts Source

Find "how-to" instructions and creative ideas to meet the interests of virtually every hobby enthusiast.

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Home Improvement Source logo

Home Improvement Source

Home Improvement Source features full-text content from leading home improvement magazines, images not found anywhere else online and videos of popular home repair projects.

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L'encyclopedie Decouverte logo

L'Encyclopedie Decouverte (World Book)

World Book's French language encyclopedia. Seamlessly integrates with World Book Kids for parallel English-language content.

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LinkedIn Learning logo

LinkedIn Learning With Content

Self-directed online learning for technology, business, and creative skills. Access more than 12,000 video courses taught by industry experts to help you stay ahead in your current job or change careers.

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Literary Reference Center logo

Literary Reference Source (EBSCO)

A rich full-text literary database covering all genres and time periods. Includes synopses, critical essays, book reviews, literary journals, and author biographies, in addition to full-text classic novels, short stories, and poems.


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MAS Ultra - School Edition powered by EBSCOhost logo

MAS Ultra - School Edition (EBSCO)

Designed specifically for high-school libraries, this database contains full text for popular high school magazines covering a wide-range of subject areas including history, science, careers, and more. 

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MasterFILE Premier, powered by EBSCOhost, green logo

MasterFILE Premier (EBSCO)

Designed specifically for public libraries, this database provides full-text magazines, reference books and primary source documents. It also includes an extensive image collection containing photos, maps and flags.

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Created by the United States National Library of Medicine, MEDLINE is an authoritative bibliographic database containing citations and abstracts for biomedical and health journals used by health care professionals, nurses, clinicians, and researchers.

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Middle Search Plus powered by EBSCOhost logo of a boy and his skateboard

Middle Search Plus (EBSCO)

Designed for middle school libraries, Middle Search Plus is a full-text database providing popular middle school magazines and reference books. Covering subjects such as history, current events, science and sports, it also includes thousands of biographies and primary source documents, plus over a million photos, maps and flags.

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Newspaper Source powered by EBSCOhost logo

Newspaper Source (EBSCO)

Newspaper Source provides cover-to-cover full text for hundreds of national (U.S.), international and regional newspapers. Additionally, it offers television and radio news transcripts from major networks.

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Northstar Digital Literacy logo

Northstar Digital Literacy

Assesses digital skills and provides classroom curricula and self-directed online learning. The basic computer digital literacy standards and modules are in three areas: essential computer skills (basic computer skills, internet basics, using email, Windows OS), essential software skills (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs), and using technology in daily life (social media, information literacy, career search skills, et cetera).

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Oxford Research Encycolpedias logo, includes text "everything you need to know"

Oxford Research Encyclopedias (Oxford University Press)

Reference content in humanities, social sciences, and science.

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Points of View Reference Center logo

Points of View Reference Center (EBSCO)

Containing resources that present multiple sides of an issue, this resource provides the basis from which students can realize and develop persuasive arguments and essays, better understand controversial issues and develop analytical thinking skills.

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Primary Search powered by EBSCOhost logo

Primary Search (EBSCO)

Designed for elementary school libraries, Primary Search is a full-text database providing popular children's magazines, easy-to-read encyclopedic entries and a vast image collection. Students can learn about a variety of topics, including endangered species, famous musicians, fitness, and space exploration.

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Professional Development Collection powered by EBSCOhost logo

Professional Development Collection (EBSCO)

A highly specialized database of full-text electronic information, especially for educators, professional librarians, and education researchers.

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Psychology & Behavioral Science Collection database logo

Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection (EBSCO)

This full-text database is an essential tool for psychologists, counselors, researchers and students, providing extensive coverage for a broad range of subjects in the fields of psychology, behavioral sciences and related disciplines.

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Regional Business News powered by EBSCOhost logo of white letters on blue background

Regional Business News (EBSCO)

Provides full-text regional business publications for the United States and Canadian provinces. Users can search newspapers, magazines and other resources from trusted news sources.

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Religion and Philosophy Collection, powered by EBSCOhost, logo

Religion and Philosophy Collection (EBSCO)

This database is an essential tool for researchers and students of theology and philosophical studies, providing a full-text source of content pertaining to the topics related to and discussed in disciplines of religion and philosophy.

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Sanborn maps logo, with text reading " over 40,000 detailed historical Ohio maps"

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps

Maps originally created for assessing fire insurance liability in urbanized areas within the United States. Collection includes 40,000+ detailed maps of Ohio cities drawn between 1882 and 1962.

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Science Reference Center logo

Science Reference Center (EBSCO)

Contains full text for hundreds of science encyclopedias, reference books, periodicals and other sources.

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Small Business Source logo

Small Business Source

Offers exclusive full text for many top consumer small business reference books, as well as tools to address many small business topics. Includes business videos, a help and advice section and details on how to create business plans.

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Sociological Collection, powered by EBSCOhost, database logo

Sociological Collection

This full-text database offers a trusted source of sociology literature, making it an essential tool for sociology and social work researchers, professionals, and students.

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TOPICsearch, powered by EBSCO, database logo


Teachers, librarians, and student researchers can use this database to explore current events, social, political, and economic issues, scientific discoveries, and other popular topics frequently discussed in the classroom.

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Oxfors University Press' Very Short Introductions logo

Very Short Introductions (Oxford University Press)

An excellent way to get a quick authoritative and accessible overview of a subject.

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Vocational and Career Collection, powered by EBSCO, database logo of a hand holding a wrench

Vocational and Career Collection (EBSCO)

Designed to meet a wide variety of vocational and technical research needs, this database provides full-text coverage for trade and industry-related periodicals for high schools, community colleges, trade institutions and the general public.

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What Tree Is It icon

What Tree Is It?

Ohio tree identification guide.

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What's That Snake database icon

What's That Snake?

Ohio snake identification guide.

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What's the Point database icon

What's The Point?

Identifying flint artifacts.

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Screenshot of World Book Advanced database homepage

World Book Advanced

Engage advanced students (ages 14+) and adults with thousands of articles, primary sources, and online books designed to support personalized learning and enhance digital citizenship. Contains up-to-the-minute access to worldwide news publications, government links from numerous countries, and multimedia reference materials.

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World Book Banco do Contenidos aulaPlaneta icon

World Book Banco de Contenidos aulaPlaneta

Comprehensive Spanish-language database. AulaPlaneta includes more than 140,000 articles, 8,000 weblinks, and 9,000 images, videos, animations, sounds, and interactive media.


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World Book Early World of Learning logo

World Book Early World of Learning

Interactive learning environments for preschoolers and children in early grades, (ages 3-7). Helps build vocabulary, comprehension, phonics, and reading fluency.

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Screenshot of World Book Kids database homescreen

World Book Kids

Thousands of colorful illustrations, diagrams, and maps enrich thousands of articles, with teacher guides. Great for ages 6-10.

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Screenshot of World Book Online database homescreen

World Book Online

Information resources for pre-school through college.

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Screenshot of World Book Students database homescreen

World Book Students

Articles include multimedia and related resources to engage students, biographies, and supplemental tools to support cross-curricular studies. Tailored for students ages 10-14.

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Screenshot of World Book Timelines database homescreen

World Book Timelines

Build and share timelines. Use your own events and images or add content and images from World Book.

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