2023 Reading Challenges

Starting the year with two reading challenges, one for kids and one for adults.

For kids we have the Dewey Dragon's Dare non-fiction reading challenge. Kids will read their way through the non-fiction section using the Dewey Decimal System. Read a book from each of the ten sections in the system and log your titles onto the map. Complete all ten sections and earn your choice of book.

All completed maps due no later than March 31, 2023.


For adults, we have a year long reading challenge. There are 52 reading prompts. Read 52 books or read at your own pace and read fewer. You can earn a raffle ticket for each 13 books you complete. Complete half the prompts (26) and you can pick up bonus raffle tickets by reading a bonus book. The purpose of this challenge is to expand your reading horizons and select books from different genres. We all fall into "reading ruts" where we tend to read the same authors or the same types of books. This is the year to climb out of your rut and maybe find some new authors or genres that you enjoy.  Stop in and pick up a Challenge log and get started reading today.

All completed challenge logs must be turned in for raffle tickets by December 29, 2023 to be eligible for prize drawings.