Eclipse Glasses

Perry Cook, in conjunction with Selover Public Library, Cardington-Lincoln Public Library, and Mount Gilead Public Library, will be distributing eclipse glasses to the public.
Beginning Tuesday, March 19, Perry Cook will have free eclipse glasses to distribute to our patrons for safe viewing of the total solar eclipse on April 8.
One pair of glasses per family with a Perry Cook Memorial Library card. First come first served, while supplies last.
**If your child attends Tinker Tots, Little Learners, and/or A2Z, he/she will receive a pair of eclipse glasses.
If you attend multiple programs of ours at which glasses are distributed, please refrain from taking multiple pairs so we can maximize the number of patrons who receive glasses.
Please be respectful of how each library has chosen to distribute their eclipse glasses to meet the needs of as many community members as possible, and consider that family members and friends can share glasses during the eclipse.

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