Sewing with Kyle - March Quilt

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend sewing classes! You can always bring your own quilting/sewing project to work on, if you would rather. You don't have to work on March's project in order to attend. We would love to have you join us!
The quilt size for March's quilt depends on the size of strips.
3” cut: 42 blocks          57” x 66” without borders
                                     65” x 74” with borders

2 ½” cut: 42 blocks      45” x 52” without borders
                                     53” x 60” with borders
2 ½” cut or 3” cut: 1 ¼ yds each of four fabrics
The four fabrics should include a light color, a dark color, and two other medium color fabrics.
Border and Binding 1 ¼ yds
*If using scraps, try to stay in the same color families. The twist (the design) in the quilt may not be as strong if using multi-colors.
*You will need a dark group, a light group, and two groups that flow from dark to light.
*The size of this quilt will vary depending on your cutting and sewing. It can be done with any size strips.
• Sewing machine
• New size 12 needle (for sewing machine)
• 18” x 24” cutting mat
• Rotary cutter with good blade
• 6 ½” x 24” ruler or 6” x 24” ruler
• Good neutral thread
• ¼” foot
• Straight stitch throat plate
• 12 ½” square
• Pins
• Pencil or marking pen for fabric
The quilt shown is an example of March's quilt. This quilt is done with four colors.
There will be NO CLASS on Wednesday, March 18th!
March 25th: you can finish this quilting project or bring in ANY unfinished project to work on.
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